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John Carl born in 1870. He arrived in Greenfield, Iowa in 1905 and worked as a carpenter and constructor. He later formed a partnership with is eldest son under the name of John Carl & Son. A great many homes and churches were built by him over a period of 40 years.


Somewhere near 75 homes of Greenfield were either built by him or remodeled by him. Elm Street Dreams was John’s personal home, which he built for himself and his family. When he wasn’t using his hands to build, he was growing flowers that would make his home more homelike. After his death his home has remained in the Carl family. 

Kennie and Amy Gebbie are the 5th Carl family owners of this beautiful heritage home. John Carl was Kennie’s Great, Great, Great Uncle. Kennie and Amy share John’s passion for carpentry and construction, which you can see from the restoration and renovations they have made.


Elm Street Dreams was created to keep this home in the Carl family as well as meet a need in the community for short term housing. They hope this home can bring peace to those traveling giving them a home away from home. 

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